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Western Australia’s Property Conveyancing Specialists

We provide real estate conveyancing to the residential, commercial and industrial property markets.

If you are buying, selling or transferring property in WA, recommend the experts at Oceanside Settlements on your offer & acceptance to handle all your property conveyancing requirements.

Your real estate agent or representative will then arrange to forward the offer & acceptance contract to us for processing (the original if you are the buyer or a copy if you are the seller).

We keep you updated throughout the entire settlement process; we provide appropriate instructions, answer all queries, arrange the payment of stamp duty and other fees, and ensure the necessary documents are signed and sent to you and the relevant parties.

Most importantly, we ensure your settlement is completed on time while under our control.

When purchasing a new property, the buyer and seller are required to sign an offer and acceptance contract, which are prepared by a real estate agent. This is only the first step. Once this document lands on our desk, we begin the process of transferring the property to your name.

Conveyancing involves the following considerations:

–          Analysing the document

The agreement must be checked thoroughly from financial amounts to the dates stated. The property’s status is also confirmed by conducting searches at Landgate and appropriate rating authorities.

–          Collecting relevant documents

From tax certificates, superannuation agreements and even marriage certificates, we know what is required and will make sure everything is received.

–          Signing relevant agreements

We try our utmost to make the process as simple as possible for you. We take care of all signing and stamping from all parties involved.

Conveyancing services are essential for both buyer and seller as the process is complex and lengthy.

We handle the entire conveyancing process:

–          Title deed from financial institution

–          Ensure that all conditions are met

–          Liaise with financial institutions

–          Arranging signing and payments

–          Registration of transfer

–          Finalisation of accounts

–          Landgate registration & confirmation of settlement

As a premium WA property conveyancer, let Oceanside Settlements handle all your conveyancing requirements.

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Because we are an independent settlement agency, we are not affiliated with any real estate agents, banks, finance brokers, or land developers. Our clients can rest assured that all advice and services provided are completely unbiased.

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